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"Dream is not far away, just need to put some effort to harvest it."

by, Yixing

Current Situation // 7.04.2014
               Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan kepada seluruh umat Islam."

Hye guys! How are you doing? I miss every single of you so much. First of all, I want to say sorry for my grammatical error. I haven't posted any entry for months, plus English is not my first language.
             Okay, let's proceed.
I'm here today to update about what I've been doing lately. Well, not much, but at least they are not worthless. [Alhamdulillah] 
             Firstly, let's talk about our beloved EXO. Yeah, I left them for months already. I miss them, but I don't want to see them. It hurts to watch EXO without Kris, right? I'm just too weak to face it. In case that you'll feel disappointed, [bow] I'm sorry.
             Next, how about my artworks? Hmmm... To be honest, I already blown over on Photoshop. I'm not involving in art, wholeheartedly. I have to focus on my study for SPM 2014 [this November]. The subjects are not heavy to some people, however I'm not a genius to master everything. I'm slowly following the beat on my study.
The subjects:
             Bahasa Melayu
             Pendidikan Islam
             Additional Mathematics
             Ekonomi Asas
             Prinsip Perakaunan
Last but not least, regarding my fanfics. I have officially labelled all my fanfics in hiatus mood. Truthfully, I'm writing a novel in Malay. I don't think I'm going to send it to any publication because I can predict how my story will be neglected with no end, just like my fanfics. [kekeke]
             To end my post this time, I want to wish all of you to be in a perfect health and happy forever. Insyallah, I'll post new entry next time. Till see you then, bye bye.. ^_^

                                                                                                                                                 With love,
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POWER TO UPLOAD // 2.23.2014

Hello everyone.. :) How are you guys doing? I hope everyone of us always be in a pink of health. Since I haven't post anything for 2014 just yet, I decided to wish everyone HAPPY [belated XD] NEW YEAR!!! Wishing all of us living in peace and harmony, healthy and steady.

Back to our topic, 'POWER TO UPLOAD' [muehehe].. Let me explain more about it.. Yeah, I admit that I've been disappointing most of my followers by leaving you guys with just the wind and dead leaves. And I decided to payback all my sins and mistakes. What to upload? Nah, it's not a media to be uploaded, it's more to shortstories. In 2013, I expressed myself through writing. Only 30% of my fanfics had been revealed. HEREBY, I'M MISS LEE, DECLARE 2014 AS THE YEAR TO UPLOAD AND SHARE.

ATTENTION: All the shortstories that will be uploaded are written on 2013. And, I will never continue my fanfics during this year because, I have SPM on November.

You guys can check out my shortstories on my Asianfanfics account.

And, not forgotten, few poems will be on my AFF too.


[a.k.a Lee/KaiLeeya/LayHunHan/ KaiLeee^.^/XingLee]

Poster of 'A Song to Love' by, Eater

My Fanfics: [unofficial title]
1. A Song to Love [combination of 'Dance to Love' and 'Amnesia']
2. Noona
3. The Magic 'Tree of Life'
4. Miracle You
5. Two Hearts, One Beat
6. The Housekeeper
7. My Twelve Sons
8. EXO Soccer Team
9. Love From A Cat [ two versions]

My Poems:
1. Pathetic Girl
[Most of my poems are in my phone.. I broke my phone and failed to turn it back to life. So, I'll try to find my other poems which might be in my notebooks or somewhere else.]

Alright.. Done updating my plan for 2014. Want more? What? Masterpiece? No no no.. 2014 isn't the right year for me to sit in front on my computer for hours just for a piece of art. Which means, I won't do any editing a.k.a. fanart. I've turned back to the 'Dumbo Lee', who always feel lost in Photoshop. I don't wanna waste any of my precious time. 2014 is totally for me to study hard till death.

My last wish to all my dearest followers, please keep supporting me and wish me the best luck for my SPM.

Thank you ^.^
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